Atomgripz Smooth Grippers!

March 13, 2011

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Our best looking Atomgripz grippers to date! The old-time-esque smooth handles are made from stainless steel so the weight of these in the hand is almost twice the weight of the standard alloy grippers!!

The smooth handles really do take the difficulty to the next level! They come in two finishes, gun metal grey or mirror with gun metal offering very slight friction with the mirrored offering next to none!!

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We’ve split the Atom and here’s the result-

After months of hard work and weeks of research you are now offered aluminium handled/Steel spring torsion grippers with a difference. These grippers have been developed in six strengths which have been carefully selected to offer people new to the grip game an approachable gripper but also those that have trained with grippers for years a firm challenge.

The grippers come with a banding system to denote the strength of the gripper. The band is deliberately around the top of the gripper so that if you like to film your gripper closes you don’t need to spend ages trying show the strength of the gripper. It’s there for all to see around the top of the gripper during the close.

Atomgripz full size grippers are made to be closed with ONE HAND ONLY. Once you can close a gripper for 5 consecutive reps it’s time to jump to the next band.


The Atomgripz SMOOTH Handle is available in the following strengths:

* Note that the smooth grippers are significantly more challenging due to the lack of knurl!


Single Band Strength – Beginners or younger gripsters. (Comparable to a Captains of Crush Trainer).

Double Band Strength – For people with previous grip training or naturally strong hands. (Comparable to a Captains of Crush #1).

Triple Band Strength – Most people without grip training will fail to close this gripper. For Strong hands only. (Comparable to a Captains of Crush #2.2).

NEW! Quad Band Strength – Suited to dedicated gripmasters! (Comparable to a Captains of Crush #3.2 – 3.5).

NEW! Five Band Strength – For those who have the strength of a beast. The Five Band Atomgripz is no mean feat! (Comparable to a Captains of Crush #3.5-3.9).

NEW! Six Band Strength (The Reaper) – The elite gripper of the Atomgripz range! We challenge you to close The Reaper! (Comparable to a Captains of Crush #4.2-4.6).



These grippers offer the following unique purchase options-

Available in STANDARD or NARROW spreads.


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