HG400 Gripper

March 15, 2011

grip training heavy grips hg400 griptraining.co.uk

gripper hand grip heavy hg400 griptraining.co.uk

* Spread comparison between an HG300 & HG400


These have been available for some time now (since around March 2004) but I didn’t really look into them dismissing them as more of a non workable collector item rather than something that would play a practical part in my training.

Labelled as an “HG400” I naturally expected the gripper to be more difficult than an HG350 but this isn’t the case since despite the spring being bigger the heavy, longer handles allow for greater leverage. The second run of the regular HG range is alegedly much more difficult with some people claiming an HG350 to be comparable to a #3 (!) so there’s that to factor in also as well as the individual gripper resistance variance. (My HG300 is more difficult than my #3).

There are two grippers; the HG400 and the HG500 (much harder with a nice gold spring) and both are considered an external to the regular HG range. There were only 400 of the HG400 manufactured and 250 HG500s and each is numbered in the bottom of the handle. Mines number 182 and stamped with “LKB” on the opposing handle denoting London Kettlebell who bought and distributed a chunk of these 400 special edition grippers (£30 delivered though now sold out). Thanks to Sam Solomi for sending me one of his.

Weighing in at a hefty Kilo the gripper weighs more than a full set of regular Heavy Grips. The handles are an inch in diameter (a bit less than an oly bar) and they are longer forcing a greater spread. It’s a beast and a sexy one at that!

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