Gripster Profiles

March 23, 2011

I am currently working on expanding introducing some further content.

The first thing which I’ll be adding is a Gripster Profile page where grip enthusiasts (of all / any levels) have space to speak a little about themselves.

To make things more simple I have arranged some questions in an interview style format (shown below).

Aside from answers to the questions I will require a head shot / torso photograph (approx 500 x 500 pixels would be ideal). – I need to mark this requirement as mandatory to keep the site looking appealling with graphics and to make each profile more personal.

The incentive for participants is coverage on a rapid growing website and a link back to their own site (in Additional Comments). This feature will also double as a “Leaderboard” with participants who have closed Atomgripz (on video) being marked with a special icon for each Atomgripz band level closed with CCS. Whether you have used an Atomgripz or not, all profiles are welcome.

If you are interested please send the completed questionnaire to sales [AT] together with your photograph(s)

Thanks! 😀


Where are you from?

When did you begin grip training?

What first interested you in grip training?

What do you consider to be your achieivements?

What are your current grip goals?

Additional Comments


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