ARNI Raffle

April 26, 2011
dumbbell circus grip inch dumbbell

Just one of the great pizes up for grabs!: 53KG Cast Iron Circus Dumbbell with 60mm grip (Donated by Brian at Strength Shop)

The 2nd ARNI Raffle is up with even bigger prizes than last year, covering all sectors of training related prizes from grippers, thickbars, KB’s wearables and supps:

“In 2009, Mark Robinson (our supporter in Durham, UK) came up with an excellent idea. Knowing that ARNI is very much concerned with finding innovative ways of facilitating stroke survivors to perform vital strength training (stroke not only weakens but actually alters the nature of the muscle fibres), he thought: why not approach all of the strength equipment manufacturers and experts that he knows and ask them to donate items for an ARNI Raffle?

The Raffle in 2009 worked out very well, and we raised over £600, This was spent on items like mirror boxes, Neurogrippers, stroke rehab manuals and other items of kit that we sent directly to stroke survivors who needed them over a 4 month period. Now Mark is doing it again:”

The draw will take place on May 31st 2011 and will be filmed for YouTube. IF YOUR TICKET GETS PULLED, you can CHOOSE WHICHEVER ITEM YOU WANT TO HAVE provided the previous prize winner hasn’t got there first!). So, go and buy loads! See below for details.

Tickets start from £3.70 for a single. The more you buy the more you save.

Please show your support!

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